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App store connection immediately after scanning the QR code

Remote video streaming sharing by creating URL

4K Resolution

Transmits high-quality 4K UHD video


DVR and NVR QR code support for easy network connection


H.265 is a next-generation video compression format that is twice as efficient as H.264.

7Brid DVR

RIFATRON DVR supports various types of camera image transfer formats as below.

IPC connection status

Users can check the network status of the device and network of each channel.

IPC informaion

Users can check the IP camera network stream status of each channel.

Full HD spot

High resolution full HD spot with coaxial cable up to 300m

Dual Ethernet Port

IP camera security enhancement to ensure the highest stable bandwidth

Push Notification

Alarm monitoring


Real time streaming protocol

Transcoding Playback

Fast image transfer

P2P Service

Peer To Peer

Coaxitron [ UTC ] (for DVD only)

When activating an additional RS485 cable with Coaxitron
allows a single cable for PTZ data communication and video.


External storage support

Two way audio